Bal-Mukund’s Mission

“Envisioned By Our Great Spiritual Master”

Swami ji Cover Photo

“Time spent in inculcating eternal values in children is an investment into the future. It is the finest gift of love from parents to their children. The Bal-Mukund Personality Development Program contains invaluable instructions, famous verses, bhajans, stories, life histories and information about festivals, for building values in children. These set of KRIPALU values will teach children to be heroic from within, and instill nobleness in their thought, word and deed.”

-Swami Mukundananda

At the Heart of Bal-Mukund:

Bal-Mukund’s 7 core values; the KRIPALU values:

  • K : Kindness
  • R : Respect
  • I : Integrity
  • P : Perseverance
  • A : Accountability
  • L : Love
  • U : Unassuming

The 5 E’s: Guiding Principles for everyone involved in spreading Swamiji’s Bal-Mukund vision:

  • Educate young minds in the knowledge of Vedic wisdom, to lead a virtuous life.
  • Enthuse the spirit of giving with a service attitude.
  • Encourage problem solving with courage, confidence and faith.
  • Entertain creativity, expand power of concentration and focus.
  • Elevate young minds to higher levels of consciousness, and fill their hearts with love and reverence for God.


Forging Ahead:

The 5 E’s mentioned above coupled with the 7 ‘KRIPALU’ core values that are encouraged in every session and through every activity, allow the children to realize their full potential and be the best they can be. By understanding and incorporating the values fostered by KRIPALU, the child’s personality blossoms. Swamiji resounds an eternal truth in his statement that, “Just as the acorn carries the potential of becoming an oak tree, children carry in them infinite potential for future greatness.” Bal-Mukund inspires them to reach for greater heights by harnessing that potential.

A Holistic Approach:

The Bal-Mukund curriculum adopts a holistic approach to child development. It ensures that the development of all four quotients needed for a successful, well-balanced and happy life is encouraged in children. Spirituality, Intelligence, Adversity and Emotional quotients are all addressed and Bal-Mukund activities promote awareness amongst children in all these areas of development. Through art, craft, games, storytelling, meditation, yoga and pranayam a multifaceted approach is adopted toward teaching the child and ensuring that their experience at Bal-Mukund is positive, self-fulfilling and fun.