Hindi Curriculum

Many Bal-Mukund Centers offer Hindi!

The goal of teaching Hindi is to make future generations proficient in Hindi reading, writing and comprehension. Knowing Hindi will allow them to delve deeper into their traditions and appreciate the beauty of their mother tongue!

The Bal-Mukund Hindi curriculum is beautifully structured and, depending on a child’s proficiency in Hindi provides Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced curriculum.


1. In a joyful, loving, interactive and well organized environment accomplish the following Hindi curriculum: Learn to recognize, pronounce, and write all Swar (Vowels).
2. Learn to recognize, pronounce, and write all Vyanjan (Consonants).
3. Learn to recognize, pronounce, and write all matraas (Vowel Signs).

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1. Students will build a strong vocabulary of Hindi words without maatras..
2. Students will learn the concept of half-letters in Hindi and some related vocabulary.
3. Concept of maatra will be introduced; symbolization of vowels and usage with Vyanjan

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1. At the end of this level students will be able to read anything written in Devanaagari script and will have developed sizable vocabulary and understanding to be able to speak, read and compose grammatically correct simple sentences.
2. Students will build a strong repertoire of vocabulary with each maatra (one maatra and related vocabulary will be covered in each class, this topic will be covered in a minimum of 12 classroom instruction sessions). Oral vocabulary will be translated to written in this level.

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