SANSKRITHI ’16 – The Cultural Extravaganza

India is rich in Cultural diversity. Every state has its own language, attire, food, festival, dance and music. Sanskrithi ’16 help deepen the root of Indian culture  in the young generation and also gives a platform to exhibit their talent !!

List of Contests 

  1. Fancy Dress Contest
  2. Solo Singing Contest
  3. Group Singing Contest
  4. Solo Dance Contest
  5. Group Dance Contest
  6. Coloring Contest
  7. Drawing Contest
  1. Essay writing Contest
  2. Word Search Contest
  3. Sudoku Contest
  4. Chess Contest
  5. Presentation Contest
  6. Rangoli Contest (For adults)
  7. Henna Contest (For adults)

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As part of Sanskrithi’16, Bal-Mukund would like to recognize key kids who made an impact to the community/society. Contesting kids will have to submit their contribution summary in the link given below. All nominations to be submitted before April 10th.


Program Highlights

  • Registration Fee: $10 per participant; For Singing and Dance Solo performance $20 per participant.
  • Entry Fee: $10 for accompanying guests and parents
  • Interesting stalls: Indian Chaat, Henna, Dresses, Jewelry
  • Complimentary Dinner for participants and guests
  • Participant certificate and memento will be given for every participant
  • Special certificate and trophy for winners in each category
  • Child can participate in more than one contest!!!


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 Subash and Disha @ 203-826-6288
Jati and Bijayini @ 667-212-8067
Garima and Ravi @ 301-915-5423
Vishal Khoka @ 402-304-0801


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