SANSKRITI’19 – A cultural extravaganza by JKYog’s Bal-Mukund & Youth Club

India is rich in Cultural diversity. Every state has its own language, attire, food, festival, dance and music. This diverse culture comes together every year in the form of Sanskriti, which is a charity event. It helps deepen the root of Indian culture in the young generation by giving them opportunities to exhibit their talent and also teaches them to help underprivileged with service attitude!!

Sanskriti 2019 will be held on April 6th 2019 from 11AM till 7PM with the following contests:

List Of Contests

On Stage

Off Stage

Solo Contests Group Contests Scheduled Contests Drop in Contest
Solo Dance Group Dance Chess Tournament Coloring
Solo Singing Group Singing Impromptu Speech Drawing
Fancy Dress Prepared Speech Word Search
Eco Dress Power Point Presentation Aloha Math Olympiad
Musical Instruments Aloha Vocab Bee
Shloka Recitation IQ Challenge Contest

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Community Service Awards

Sanskriti is a platform to recognize and motivate children who have made significant contribution to the community. If your child has actively volunteered in any community activity, please send a write-up (in no more than 600 words) along with specific references and contact details to on or before March 15th. Organizers will shortlist the eligible candidates and they will be awarded on April 6th!

Program Highlights

  • Kids can participate in more than one contest
  • Participation trophy to every participant for every contest
  • Special trophy for winners in each category
  • Complimentary Dinner for participants only
  • Interesting vendor stalls – Indian Chat/Tea, Mehendi, Indian ethnic wear and Jewelry

Registration/Entry Fee:

  • $25/ participant/contest for on stage Solo Singing and Solo Dance contests
  • $20/ participants/contest for on stage group singing, Group dance
  • $20/participants/contest for Off stage scheduled contests
  • $15/participants/contest for Fancy/Eco dress/Drop in contests
  • Entry fees $10 for accompanying guests/parents due at the door on the day of event

Terms and conditions

– Organization reserve the right to use the Photographs taken at this event in social-media, marketing materials etc.

– Organizers reserve the rights to deny the registration if there are any scheduling conflicts. In case denied participants will be notified and the registration fee will be refunded completely.

– Organizers reserve the rights to cancel a planned contest; decisions will be made based on the number of registrations. In case an event is canceled, registrants will be notified and the registration fee will be refunded completely.

– All drop-in contests should be completed before 5 PM– All participants should be at the venue by11 AM. Timing for each program will be given at the door.

– Prizes are dependent on the number of entries in each contest category

Registration fee is non-refundable unless the contest is cancelled by organizers

– Subgroups within a contest  may vary based on the actual number of registrations

– By registering, you are agreeing to the terms mentioned above and agree to the rules of the contest as mentioned

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Click Here For Chess Tournament Rules


 For Questions Contact:

  • Rima Pant – 860-712-8456
  • Devesh Pant – 860-218-8643
  • Murali Pemmaraju – 860-605-3685
  • Sarada Pemmaraju – 860-605-3683