Testimonials – Palatine, illinois

  • SuchirFor some time, we have been looking for a medium to discuss our religion with our kids and properly introduce them our ancient and wise culture. Luckily, I found those very teachings in the 'Bal-Mukund' program. Now the kids are not only learning these things but also having fun doing so with their new friends. Swamiji's 'Essence of Hinduism' book is a must read regardless of the level of your faith/devotion. If you can, but are not taking your kids to a 'Bal-Mukund' class near you, you are missing a HUGE opportunity.

    ~ Parents: Yogini and Vinay Bhanage Childrens names and ages: Shuchir (10) Sharv (6)
  • I like Bal-Mukund because I get to do yoga and relieve the stress from the past week. Since going to Bal-Mukund I have started to help around the house, complete my homework, and I take care of my sister. I have learned that Bhakt Prahlad served Lord Krishna even though his father was an enemy of the Lord. I also learned that Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in honor of, Lord Ganesh, the God of wisdom. I would definitely recommend Bal-Mukund to my friends because it is very fun and interesting. The most enjoyable activity in Bal-Mukund is when we do yoga because I get to learn new ways to motivate myself. Overall Bal-Mukund is really awesome.

    ~ Student: Aastha Age: 12 yrs
  • Akshat-sinhaI like Bal Mukund because we do yoga there. It has made me a better person because we do exercises. It has increased my knowledge because we read stories which have morals. I shall recommend Bal -Mukund to my friends.

    ~ Student: Akshat Sinha Age: 8.5 Yrs
  • Bal Mukund teaches basic manners to children while making them aware of our culture and history. This is the reason we have put our children in Bal-Mukund. We talks about the activities done in the Bal-Mukund classes and discuss the stories that children very enthusiastically narrate to us. This is an interactive program that encourages children to share their experiences and showcase their learning and talent - this is what we specially like about the program. We will definitely recommend Bal-Mukund to our family and friends.

    ~ Parents: Anamika and Prateek Sinha (Aditi and Akshat's)
  • ShraddhaI like Bal Mukund because I learn a lot of things. It is a very nice place to learn. By learning and by hearing good things from Bal Mukund and doing Yoga made be better. I think, before I do something. I would recommend it to my friends because may be they want to learn from that too. I enjoy everything there...specially yoga and stories

    ~ Student: Shraddha Hariharan Age: 6 yrs
  • JaanviI like yoga and Bal-Mukund books which helps me intellectually, physically, spiritually and relationship with those around me. KRIPALU Values have made me a better person. By learning Bal-Mukund Character Building Series includes Festivals of India, Wisdom Book, Saints of India and Inspiring Stories - it has increased my knowledge about India and Vedas. I will recommend to others ; can make new friends and it's really fun. Teachers in the class are very knowledgeable. Most enjoyable is Moral based Stories from Wisdom Book

    ~ Student: Jaanvi Age: 8 yrs
  • Bal-Mukund has a strong base and is well coordinated. It's a comprehensive program based on children's personality and love for god. Most importantly we like Overall children's personality development and develop love for god. It nice character and personality program.

    ~ Parent: Neha and Utpal Gandhi (Jaanvi's parents)
  • AditiI like Bal-Mukund because it teaches us about our culture through stories and yoga. It also helps us develop our personalities. Reading stories and understanding their meanings, reciting Bhajans, doing yoga and pranayams, and interacting with others in the class has helped me become a better person. It has made me a better person because we do exercises. I have learned about Indian festivals and ancient Indian culture by reading stories and understanding their morals. I would recommend the Bal-Mukund program to my friends. The most enjoyable activity in Bal-Mukund is reading stories with my friends and answering questions from the story.

    ~ Student: Aditi Sinha Age: 12 Yrs
  • Bal Mukund is an ideal combination of Yoga and Teaching of Indian Culture and values. We read the books together as a family which are very interesting and full of Gyaan. The Bal Mukund is a perfect place for kids to learn the teachings of Lord Krishna. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to join Bal- Mukund if Possible and convenient for them.

    ~ Parent: Manish Garg (Aastha's father)
  • We want our child to learn good things and good manners especially about Hinduism and Indian culture, values and scriptures. Also, we wanted her to learn Yoga. Shraddha shows what she learnt from yoga classes. She also refers to new things she learnt from the classes. We have already recommended Bal-Mukund to other families and will continue to do so.

    ~ Parents: Raadhika and Hariharan Margabandhu