About Us

Bal-Mukund – A Brief Introduction

balmukund-aboutusBal-Mukund is a beautifully designed and structured children’s personality and character development program that has been envisioned by Swamiji Mukundananda Ji. It endeavors to awaken in children, aged 5 thru 15 an appreciation, understanding and executable knowledge of their Vedantic heritage and roots. Bal-Mukund, as envisioned by Swamiji, focuses on imbibing the highest value system in children through an array of activities that include, recitation of shlokas, yoga, meditation, games, pranayam, crafts, storytelling, kirtan singing and prayer recitations.

Bal-Mukund’s focus is to:

  • Educate young minds in the knowledge of Vedic wisdom, to lead a virtuous life.
  • Enthuse the spirit of giving with a service attitude.
  • Encourage problem solving with courage, confidence and faith.
  • Entertain creativity, expand power of concentration and focus.
  • Elevate young minds to higher levels of consciousness, and fill their hearts with love and reverence for God.

Bal-Mukund has certain set of values which are the foundation values for all the children joining & participating as a Bal-Mukund member. These sets of values are known as KRIPALU Values.” These set of KRIPALU values will teach children”, to say – be heroic from within, and instill nobleness in their thought, word and deed.

K for Kindness

Helping nature, Service attitude, Caring for others, Compassionate to the sufferings of others, Non-violence towards all beings, Forgiveness, Seeing Divinity in others.

R for Respect

Respect for elders, Respect for teachers, Respect for authority, Respect for each other, Courtesy, Good Manners, Not seeing faults in others, Being non-judgmental, Acceptance of the differing viewpoints of others, Obedience to Elders and Authority.

I for Integrity

Truthfulness, Purity of thoughts and intentions, Self-discipline and control over mind and senses, Restraint from temptation, Restraint from harmful influences like drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, restraint from gambling, Associating with good people and giving up association of those who are a bad influence.

P for Perseverance

Hardworking, Enduring, Patient, Dedication to the work at hand, Tenacity to bear difficulties and not give up, Overcoming obstacles through persistence, Keeping a positive “I can do it” attitude, Single-mindedness towards goal, Using tact and intelligence and mental power to solve a problem.

A for Accountability

Taking full responsibility for ones deeds, Taking the onus for mistakes, Responsibility for correcting them, not blaming others or having a whining nature, Taking responsibility for organizing oneself and one’s work, Accepting the law of karma that what happens to us is a result of our own actions, Being punctual to our time commitments.

L for Love for God

Trust in God, Faith in His protection, Acceptance of His will, Keeping a positive attitude in every situation with Faith in His Grace, A Sense of Gratitude for all that God has given us, Belief that He is with us and watching us always, Doing all actions for His pleasure, unconditional devotion to Him.

U for Unassuming

Modesty, Unpretentiousness, Simplicity, Humility, Not boasting or showing off, Reverence for the Greatness of God, Faith that everything belongs to God and not to us, Realizing that God has a grand scheme why things happen and we all have a tiny role to play in His design.