Rules & Regulation for Sanskrithi 2016


*Drop in between 2 pm and 5 pm, registration required.


Chess Rules and Regulations:

  • Tournament format will be in Swiss format which means that every player gets an opportunity to play every round and there is no elimination. Number of rounds will be based on total number of entries received for Chess event. Expect to play a minimum of 2 rounds and a maximum of four rounds.
  • First round of pairings will be determined based on the player’s age and subsequent rounds pairings will follow swiss pairing format.
  • Every won game will fetch 1 point, lost game will fetch 0 point, and a draw game (by threefold repetition or by stalemate or by mutual agreement or by fifty-move rule) will fetch 0.5 point each player.
  • This is a G/5 sudden death game which means that each player will get 5 minutes in a single round and who ever loses on time (or by checkmate) will lose the game. However If a player does not have enough material to win a game, opponent can claim a draw; please pause the clock and claim the draw by contacting the tournament directors. You can’t claim a draw once the clock runs out of the time.
  • Touch Move Rule will be observed, however it is the player(s) responsibility to take care of themselves.
  • Chess boards, sets will be provided. Please bring your mobile phone/tablets loaded with chess clock app. For android systems you can use and for apple systems you can use
  • There will be very minimal gap between the rounds, so don’t leave the tournament area or come back in time before the next round starts so that you don’t lose time on the clock.  Absence of any player during any round will be considered as loss of game and the opponent will get a point automatically.
  • Parents must keep distance from the tournament area and expected to be silent so that the players can focus on their games.