Testimonials – Belle Mead, New Jersey

  • Sanjana - MorrisvelleSince I live in America, it is not as easy to connect with my traditions as it would be if I lived in India, but every Sunday I go to Bal-Mukund and it helps me stay connected. I especially love the crafts we make during special festivals! Also, the stories we read during Bal-Mukund are very educational. They not only help shape me to be a better person, but it is also helpful to have those stories as a reference in any tough situation. Bal-Mukund is very educational and enjoyable.

    ~ Student: Sanjana Age: 14 yrs
  • I can't begin to tell you how important it is to me that Naina is learning to speak Hindi and also be a part of the cultural group.

    Wanting to write a poem and doing it herself is a real bonus and I couldn't stop sharing that!

    ~ Parent: Malini Child's age: 10 yr
  • I put my children in Bal-Mukund because I want my kids to know Hindi and about our Gods. Bal-Mukund is organized in a way that kids can follow easily and they like to come every week. I would recommend Bal-Mukund to my friends.

    ~ Parent: Arthi Children's ages: 10 yr and 5 yr
  • RheaThe Bal-Mukund program has helped me learn many stories. I understand the reason behind each festival through stories. I have also learned many morals through the stories that I hear at Bal-Mukund. The packets that I complete after each story are very helpful for understanding the full meaning of the story.

    ~ Student: Rhea Age: 14 yrs
  • I enrolled my daughter in Bal-Mukund program because it is Swamiji's program and My daughter has great respect and regard for swamiji.

    I like Bal-Mukund because it teaches moral value, Yoga and Hindi. As an Indian parent I would like my kids to learn all this but due to busy life style it is very hard to fulfill. Bal-Mukund is like one stop shopping, hear you find ever thing. Also during program kids interact with each other and have lots of fun.

    I would definitely recommend Bal-Mukund to my friends and family.

    ~ Parent: Rupali Child's age: 10 yrs
  • RajanI believe BM has a very fun and educational atmosphere. I like the craft-work days. I also like moral building stories from Inspiring stories series; they are thought provoking.

    ~ Student: Rajan Age: 10 yrs
  • Both my children(12 & 9 yrs) have been a part of Bal-Mukund since its inception two years ago in Belle Mead. The teachers are passionate and it is a great character and community development program to fill in the gaps of other after school activities.

    I often hear my son sing the bhajans he is learning in solitude, lending to them his originality, oblivious to having an audience! I know those bring him inner peace, joy and solace.

    ~ Parent's name: Shweta Children's ages: 13 and 9
  • We do see that Laya has been grasping a lot, in form of praying and aarti practices.

    ~ Parent's name: Nanthini Child's age: 10 yr
  • NikitaI enjoy the festivals that we celebrate, a lot. The arts & crafts are very enjoyable for any age group, and the end result is always satisfying. The stories and lessons are really nice and applicable to my life. So all in all, the program is well designed for kids.

    ~ Student: Nikita 14yrs
  • I have been going to Bal-Mukund for two years now, and I have learned so much about my culture and where I'm from. Bhajans and stories tell me the importance of certain qualities and teach me morals that I need to know in life.

    ~ Student: Muskan Age: 13 yrs