Testimonials – Cromewell ,Connecticut

  • Bal-Mukund teaches my kid our Hindu culture and rich tradition. It is also very structured and brings lot of discipline and value to my kid. One distinct feature about Bal-Mukund is introduction of pranayam and different breathing techniques to kids which helps kid build focus. I have been a strong advocate of Bal-Mukund to all my friends and I would continue to do so, that everybody could enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

    ~ Parent: Sandhya
  • I like Bal-Mukund because it’s interesting. Now that I have attended class for a few months and it has increased my knowledge about India. I would recommend to all my Indian friends because they would understand all the stories better. I really enjoyed doing craft, story time and watching a movie.

    ~ Student: Peter Age: 8 yr
  • I put Peter in Bal-Mukund because I was interested in yoga. I thought it would be nice for him to learn Yoga. Now I have learned that the class is much more than doing yoga. There's so much information especially for us. It has brought us closer as a family because we talk about it after the class and read books together. I enjoyed it very much.

    ~ Parent: Pui
  • The main reason I put my son in Bal-Mukund is to learn more about our Hindu culture. The fact that there are language classes was an added bonus. The most I like about this class is that it not only teaches kids about spiritual concepts but also talks about more day to day concepts, for example, New Year resolutions and learning about Indian States. I would definitely recommend this to friends.

    ~ Parent: Radha
  • I like Bal-Mukund because we do shlokas and yoga. Shlokas and yoga makes me happy. I also like the craft work. I like the teacher.

    ~ Student: Sree Age: 4 yr